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Fallon R. Moore – Administrative Assistant

Fallon R. Moore
Administrative Assistant

Though born in nearby Picayune, Mississippi, Fallon grew up mostly in Southern California and considers Oceanside, CA as her “hometown”. Fallon had the awesome privilege of having parents who were devoted followers of Christ – her dad being a pastor and her mom a beautiful singer and pianist. Building the Church is something her family has been passionate about for generations, and continues still in Fallon, her siblings, cousins, and extended family members.

Fallon was saved & baptized at a young age, but it was in her freshman year of high school when she was really challenged to make her faith her own and started to really grow in her discipleship journey. Since her early twenties, Fallon has loved digging into the cultures of Biblical times and how that makes Scripture come alive in new ways for her. Then, in her early thirties, one of her life dreams was fulfilled when she had the opportunity to go to Israel and both serve the people and tour the nation. She hopes to go back soon.

Fallon studied Worship & Creative Arts, with a focus on Children’s Worship, at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. Worshipping the Lord through music and prayer is what she is most passionate about, and she loves to help others connect with Jesus through prayer & worship. Though she does dabble at the piano, she is a singer through and through – and almost always has a song in her head.

Fallon moved back to Slidell (having lived here as a toddler), in 2019, with her adorable Toy Australian Shepherd, Roxy. And while she misses the weather in San Diego County, she is honored to be a part of GMBC and to see how the Lord is going to continue to use us to further His Kingdom.

Oh, and if you ever happen to go by her desk in the office, you’ll quickly see she is big Star Wars fan. 🙂