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Prayer Requests


Please Pray For...


  • Dear GMBC Staff,
    I just started a new federal job in October 2023 at the Veterans Hospital in New Orleans, LA. as the Decedent Affairs Program Support Representative after being unemployed for the previous 10 months from my former job at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS. My finances took a hit during this 10 months of unemployment and I am desperate for prayer and God's healing in my life. I don't know which way is up anymore. Thank You. - Michael Brandau
  • please pray forGodInHeaven , please Helpmykids@i to find a good and permanent home for us and church home,InJesusName,Amen
  • Prayers are requested for healing Viola Cleo Bradshaw. Healing needs include: depression, split personality disorder, loneliness, loss, and for her body, healing for sleep disorder, eyesight, and for a broken nose, needs peace. And lift up Cordelia Vogel, heal her mind, heart trouble, and family tree.

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