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Deacon Ministry

Deacons…Called to Serve!

By Fred Luter, Jr.


     The role of the deacon has always been to serve.  In Act 6, when the disciples chose the first deacons, their primary duty was to serve.  You remember the situation:  There was a complaint because some of the widows felt they were being neglected by the disciples as far as the care they needed.  The disciples on the other hand felt they could not leave their primary responsibilities of what God had called them to do – declaring and teaching the Word of God – to serve tables.  It was then the decision was made to look for 7 men from the congregation who would be assigned to serve the widows so the disciples could continue their responsibilities.  And as the rest of the saying goes, the rest is history.


     Here at the church I pastor in New Orleans, our deacons have embraced their role as servants.  Many of them serve by assisting elderly members of our congregation with various things like providing transportation to the grocery store or to a doctor’s appointment, cutting grass at home, or providing other services as needed.  Our deacons also visit a local nursing home once a month and hold a worship service for the residents there.  During the Christmas season, they give each resident a gift bag that includes socks, lotion, and toiletries.  Man, you would think they had gold and silver in those bags when you see the expressions on their faces as they open their gift bags!


     Deacons as called to serve.  Throughout the winter edition of the Deacon Magazine you will see examples of how deacons across the country are serving others in their congregations and communities.  I encourage each reader to find ways this quarter to serve others in your church and community.  I assure you, you will be blessed by serving others.