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Deacon Ministry

The most visible, vulnerable men in the ministry of Grace Memorial apart from the pastoral staff are the deacons. Therefore, in an effort to maintain Biblical purity and Christian distinctiveness, the office of deacon shall be guarded with utmost care and discernment by ordaining and appointing to service only those men who meet the spiritual qualifications set forth inActs 6:1-1 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and who feel called by God to a lifetime of ministry as deacon.

Deacons are called to serve. Once ordained and appointed to serve, the deacons at Grace Memorial serve the church body in many ways. Their various roles include serving as a sounding board to the pastoral staff, meeting with pastoral staff for pre service prayer, serving the Lord’s Supper, providing extra security during church functions, ministering to the widows of the church, being on call for emergencies and hospital visits, being available during worship services as needed, participating in visitation program and mid week programs.

Monthly meetings are held to discuss current assignments, widows, receive information from pastoral staff, go over events and areas where deacon help is needed, pray for the church needs.