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Fallon R. Moore

Administrative Assistant

With a passion for prayer & worship, Fallon has devoted her life to following Jesus. From California, to Australia, and now in Louisiana, she says “yes” to the adventures God places before her and trusts His guidance and provision for every step. Growing up as a PK (pastor’s kid), her love for the Church started at a young age – and she is so excited to see how God is going to continue to use His people in the days to come.

*Leading worship in Jerusalem

Fallon is the proud daughter of missionary parents – Travis & Karen Moore. She inherited her mother’s love of singing and worshipping Christ through song. Fallon is the youngest of four – her two brothers, Trae & Nathan, and her sister, Joy. She loves her siblings and their spouses (Tara, Kelly, & Greg, respectively), and absolutely ADORES her ten nieces & nephews: Christa, Caitlin, Emily, Judah, Eliran, Selah, Tobiah, Boaz, Esther, & Brielle.

After leaving California 2018, Fallon moved to Slidell to help care for her mom before she passed in July 2019. She is grateful for that time with her, and misses her dearly. Fallon and her service dog, Roxy, stuck around Slidell, working temp jobs and started serving as the Director of Prayer for Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI), before joining the staff at GMBC in 2023.

With a love for various kinds of story-telling & performance art, Fallon enjoys movies, theater, symphonies, reading, dabbling at the piano, and tries her hand at painting from time to time. One of her favorite pastimes is doing solo trips to Disneyland – riding her favorite rides and getting immersed in the creativity on display throughout the park and resort grounds. Her favorite movies are Star Wars (pretty much all of them), The Greatest Showman, & Ever After. Favorite TV show is Alias. And her favorite books other than Scripture, include Praying the Names of God by Ann Spangler, The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis & A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken.


She loves the ocean, waterfalls, and any other body of water, and misses her hometown of Oceanside, CA greatly – but is enjoying the life the Lord has given her here in Slidell. She has been blessed to traveled some – Israel, The Philippines, Belgium, Mexico, and fulfilled her dream of living in Australia back in her twenties. The Lord has been so good to her and she is so grateful for all the ways He has shown up in her life and in the various ministry roles she’s been in over the years. She hopes to bless others as she has been blessed, and to be a positive influence on the younger generations of women as someone who has devoted her whole life to following Jesus.


Fallon’s “life verse” is Psalm 27:4
“Here’s the one thing I crave from God,
the one thing I seek above all else:
I want the privilege of living with Him every moment in His house,
finding the sweet loveliness of His face,
filled with awe, delighting in His glory and grace.
I want to live my life so close to Him that He takes pleasure in my every prayer.”

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