PRAYER LIST 6/26/2020

( indicates an update)

Joe Chebahtah- his brother Ed has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Jane Molbert- Her sister Elloise died during the night in a nursing home in Baton Rouge. She was suffering with Alzheimers.

Karen Stead’s sister died on Saturday.

Pray for Marc Bonis. 2 year old boy born with some internal organs on the outside of body. Surgery today in Boston has been planned for a year. Moving organs into place on the inside and closing up stomach. This is an all day prayer!!!!!

Pray for Jim and Carol McCarty, Jim’s brother passed away a few months go and Carol’s Mom passed away yesterday. They are traveling.

Jane Molbert- Her niece Karen Russell passed away due to ongoing health conditions. Pray for her 2 daughters and Jane’s sister Helen.

Lois Willard- Has been moved to a nursing home in Lacombe for rehab.

Coleman Skinner- Family friend Tom Burns diagnosed with cancer.

Caleb Petty- Back home. Swelling gone. Waiting on pathology.🙏🏼

Starr Haaga- Latest update: Home, recovering from surgery and doing well.

Yvonne Zeringue (widow)- recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and dealing with stomach issues.

Gary Haaga- home recovering from knee surgery

Suzy Pittman- Emi is slowly improving.

Carl Wager, former member, diagnosed with lung cancer. Starting treatment plan.

Gretchen Guidry- Bone cancer.

Pray for all healthcare workers.

Pray for all other essential workers. (firemen, police, military, grocery stores and other retailers)