PRAYER LIST 4/23/2020

( indicates an update)

Bro. Bob- nephew Tommy Heustess in hospital in NC with heart and diabetes issues.

Liz Lee- Husband, Pete, battling with shingles.

Eugenia Fitzmorris- dealing with pain.

Cindy Stafford- dealing with bad pain in her legs.

Yvonne Zeringue (widow)- recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and dealing with stomach issues.

Wendy Harpster- dad, Gary Simmons shoulder surgery went well..

Gary Haaga-had knee surgery Tuesday and is home doing great!

Starr Haaga- Having surgery May 27.

Gina Troyer- Gina’s father, Richard Karchner, is improving doing wound care on his legs.

Patricia Dooley, (Craig’s Dooley’s mom), memorial service will be here at GMBC on Saturday May 23 @ 10 AM. Social distancing procedures will be in effect. In lieu of flowers, please donate to GMBC nursing home ministry fund

Lori Panks- Aunt is positive Covid19 in nursing home with dementia, friends mother is also positive Covid19, sister-in-law tested positive Covid19.

Effie Gauley- Daughter Robin Parker has leukemia.Dr’s say it is treatable!

Jane Molbert- her sister Geri Walters passed away Sunday Night. She was recovering from kidney failure.

Wendy Harpster- pray for her brother Gary Simmons Jr, had triple bypass on Tuesday.

Ruby Newcomb- Niece, Cathy Berryhill, in nursing home in Hattiesburg, has contracted Covid and being transported to hospital.

Suzy Pittman- Emi is slowly improving.

Carl Wager, former member, diagnosed with lung cancer. Starting treatment plan.

Jenifer Lovett- Friend and former Sunday school teacher, Carla from Florida, had complications from open heart surgery and is in critical condition. In an induced coma.

Michael Odaniel- A Texas family I know has been hit hard with cancer this week. My friend Kim has cancer of the tongue (!) and her nephew Ryan has a return bout of leukemia.

Beth Hannah- granddaughter Haleigh Armstrong, working at Ochsner Jefferson in SICU with Covid 19 patients. Alsorecent surgery on both legs still healing.

Gretchen Guidry- Bone cancer.

Pray for all healthcare workers.

Pray for all other essential workers. (firemen, police, military, grocery stores and other retailers)